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Aims to provide advanced environment of your house with customized design door.
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Started off as “Chia Chun Iron Works” in 1983, the professional soundproof door provider – Blue Whale has been established for 34 years. In 1992, Blue Whale had completed the development of professional soundproof doors and soundproof bedroom doors. In 1993, the company initiated its own brand “Blue Whale” as a trademark.

Blue Whale, the professional soundproof door provider, has been upholding stringent standards for quality for safety, sound-proofing, anti-blast resistance, and shock-proofing. Blue Whale paid attention to every detail of design for every customer. In addition to focusing on product features, Blue Whale also pays attention to the representation of overall textures. Furthermore, Blue Whale is committed to research and development of a variety of materials, providing customized and tailored designs to make it possible for every door and window to match different styles of interior design, color and decoration. Therefore, every customer is satisfied with Blue Whale’s services.

In recent years, Blue Whale has been practicing the concept that “life is art and art is life”. Blue Whale has cooperated with a number of famous artists, such as Liang Sheng-Jung, Chen Chi-Nan, Chen Wei-Jung, and others, combining their visions with ceramics, glass and other materials to develop the innovative design soundproof doors.

Strict requirements for each design and production process, from front-end design to back-end sales warranty and after-sales service, Blue Whale soundproof doors can stand up to any test, giving the customer the best quality of doors.

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