Delicacy in the Secret Garden

With the adoption of oriental aesthetics and image, black as the poised and reserved background color with the contrast of vibrant yet subtle painting strokes have successfully depict a beautiful scene with rosy and velvety flower bush, lively and vivid dialogue between birds and flowers. Framed with the carefully-chosen cypress to represent a lifestyle with the central belief of “life is art, art is life”, “Delicacy in the Secret Garden” is a perfect manifestation of human-centered value.

. Single                   W103xH226

. Single+sideboard  W140xH226

. Double                   W192xH226

*The painting which is unique and customized is made by Taiwan famous artist

*Italian CISA blast-proof lock set.(suitable for steel & wooden soundproof doors and doubleLeaves entry doors)

*Italian PASINI handle (created and produced in Italy, express the European lifelong passion)

*Stainless steel door frame、Marble threshold

*Double soundproof gasket mechanism to prevent 40dB noise

*Anti-thief lock set、Safe deal chain、Anti-prying concealed bolt、Japanese soundproof weather strip