Blue Whale has been established for 34 years, but started off as “Chia Chun Iron Works” in 1983. In 1993, the company changed its name to “Blue Whale” and registered its trademark. In 2000 the Company’s name was officially changed to “Blue Whale International Technology Co., Ltd.”. Blue Whale is widely acclaimed in its technology and quality. This is something we have earned through hard work and a dedication to perfection.

The company was responsible for the stainless steel project during the Terminal 2 expansion of CKS International Airport. This project caused the company to expand so fast that it was faced with a financial crisis. But even though the Company faced the biggest challenges in its business history, not a single employee quit. Instead, all of our employees worked together as a team to push through this difficult time. In the end, the project was successfully completed, and Terminal 2 officially opened in 2002.

Back in 1992, Blue Whale had completed the development of professional soundproof doors and soundproof bedroom doors. The next year, in 1993 the Company initiated its own brand “Blue Whale” as a trademark. At this point, we worked with folk artist Liang Sheng-Jung, pottery artist, Chen Chi-Nan, and etching artist Chen Wei-Long. These artists provided the inspiration in our designs. They allowed us to explore the concept of promoting beautiful art in the midst of everyday life. In this spirit, the Company introduced the S320 Collection, showing elegant, timeless, and majestic styles. In 2009, Blue Whale worked in cooperation with the oil painting artist Wu Chang-Chan and launched the S450 Florence, Creative Painting Doors, and Heirloom Collection series.

In 2010, Blue Whale passed a new milestone, launching the S320 Lake Automatic Doors series. The door boards were made with elongated solid wood bars at even spacings, showing a neat three-dimensional linear texture – a calm and restrained Japanese style. Door Locks were installed with our newly developed Automatic Door Closing System, a high class locking system for automatically opening-and-closing doors. Designed with a hidden cantilever, sensors are activated when people leave, and the door is automatically shut and locked. In addition, they also have soundproof and anti-blast functions as well.

In 2011, the Company launched brand new models for the series S320 Lake, designed after the natural beauty of Swallow Lake as it changes throughout the seasons. For example, surging water causes the lake to overflow; blowing wind forms ripples; the lake is serene when the water is still. The designs express the changing natural beauty of the lake through art.

In 2012, the Company participated in the Taiwan Creative Design Award Contest sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau, and the Company’s Lake-Wave Bronze Door won the “Golden-Pin Design Award”. In the same year, the R & D, design, and production of the Full Wisdom doors were successfully completed. In 2013, numerous large building projects were completed one after another, such as HsinPu-GuoYu, GeLi-Fa V, CITIC South Headquarters, Chinese Steel Kaohsiung Headquarters, Kaohsiung Fine Arts Summit, ChingWang DC, Hsinchu Fei Building, Taoyuan Happiness Manor, etc., In addition, a new generation painter Fan Tzu-Hsiang was invited to help complete esthetic work on some of oil painting doors – Tsang Lin Yu Tsung, meaning “the beauty of great nature hidden in the woods.”

In June 2015, the Company launched a new door model – Sea Wave Smart Door, whose concept came from the beauty of undulating waves, which gives an impression of three-dimensional waves. The Sea-wave Smart Door has been successfully integrated with E-Home smart home systems, a new trend in the dwellings of the future.

Since our Company was established 34 years ago. Since then, we have been upholding stringent standards for quality for safety, noise-proofing, anti-blast resistance, and shock-proofing. We pay attention to every design detail for every customer. In addition to focusing on product features, the Company also pays attention to the representation of overall textures. Furthermore, the Company is committed to research and development of a variety of materials, providing customized and tailored designs to make it possible for every door and window to match different styles of interior design, color and decoration. Therefore, the Company is able to satisfy every customer.

In recent years, in order to adhere to the uniqueness of the brand, Blue Whale has been practicing the concept that “life is art and art is life”. The Company has cooperated with a number of famous artists, such as Liang Sheng-Jung, Chen Chi-Nan, Chen Wei-Jung, and others, combining their visions with ceramics, glass and other materials to combine innovative designs and superb technology.  Work together with Blue Whale to create S320 Collection Series of Sculpture Doors.

Recently, the Company has been collaborating with painter Wu Chuo-Chang to add to our S320 doors. We are breaking traditional stereotypes of how a door should look. The original oil paintings on our doors make each one into a family heirloom. Over time, the value of the oil painting door can only increase.

Strict requirements for each design and production process, from front-end design to back-end sales warranty and after-sales service, each door we produce can stand up to any test. Thus, Blue Whale is not just a brand name. Our focus on the importance of quality and the costumer is what our brand is really about. Now that we have built a solid brand identity, we have extended our marketing across the Taiwan Straits to cover all of China.