Hu-po (Lake-ripple) Smart Door is inspired by the Yan-zi Lake. The lake is located near Sin-wu road in New Taipei city. When you see the sparkling light around the lake on a windy day, the natural beauty of the scene will entrance you. This is the feeling you get from the Lake Ripple Smart Door, which is 100% made in Taiwan. The anti-riot structure is at a very high standard, so it is a safety door. When you stand one-meter (or another distance that you can set) the sensor opens the door automatically, and the door closes and lock automatically after entrance. If the door touches somebody or something while closing, it will reopen automatically. You don’t need to worry about being injured by it. It also automatically detects wind resistance to ensure that it fully closes on windy days. In addition to reducing noise by at least 45 dB, the door can also maintain the indoor temperature and prevent toxic gases coming into the interior. Hidden hardware design and gate-free and anti-trap functions make the door easy to pass through for children, the elderly, or disabled people. You can even drive a scooter of small motorized vehicle through the door. Actually the Hu-po (Lake-ripple) Smart Door was originally designed for handicapped people. Simple in the appearance of the panels and the hardware design, the door structure is made of 100% recyclable materials. This Smart Door is a better door for your future.

. Single W117xH226 /235 . Single+sideboard W154xH226 /235 . Double W205xH226 /235

*Italian ISEO full automatic electronic lock set and German door automation system. The door closes and opens
automatically by remote control.
*Italian designer’s handle, created and produced in Italy, expressing the European style of lifelong passion.
*Anti-thief lock set, Safe deal chain, Anti-prying concealed bolt, Japanese soundproof weather strip, Marble
threshold *Double soundproof gasket mechanism reducing noise by 40dB
*Solid wood paneling