Hai-po (Sea-ripple) Smart Door was designed by Think-If Design Co., Ltd and is an example of successful industrial cooperation in Taiwan. The beauty of the undulating sea ripples presents a lively visual three-dimensional picture. The Sea-ripple Smart Door is integrated with E-Home automation, a new trend in the future of housing. Sea-ripple Smart Doors are 100% Taiwan made. Their anti-riot safety standard is of a very high level. When your fingers touch and are scanned by the lock, the door will open immediately, and close and lock automatically after you pass through. If the door touches somebody or something while closing, it will reopen automatically. You don’t need to worry about being injured by it. It also automatically detects wind resistance to ensure that it fully closes on windy days. Sea-ripple Smart Doors don’t appear flashy or overly luxurious, and this matches the idea of E-Home automation. Its hidden assembly construction and double soundproof structure not only reduce noise by at least 45 dB, but also maintains a difference of at least 5 degrees Celsius between indoor and outdoor temperature. It also prevents smoke and other toxic ingredients coming into the house. If fire occurs, it could effectively block the smoke outside, so that there is sufficient time to escape and reduce casualties. It also has barrier-free and anti-trap functions that make the door friendly for the disabled, the elderly, or children. It is even wide enough to drive a scooter or small motorized vehicle through easily.

The world needs, safer, better and more convenient and comfortable entrance facilities. Our Smart Doors are the way of the future.

. Single W117xH226 /235 . Single+sideboard W154xH226 /235 . Double W205xH226 /235

*Italian ISEO full automatic electronic lock set and German door automation system. The door closes and opens
automatically by remote controls.
*Italian-designed handle, expressing the European sense of lifelong passion
*Anti-thief lock set, Safe deal chain, Anti-prying concealed bolt, Japanese soundproof weather strip, Marble
threshold *Double soundproof gasket mechanism reducing noise by 40dB
*Solid wood paneling